Qingdao Guifeng Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. The legal person, Xuxianfeng, has continued to develop and innovate with years of experience in the production of wigs. From 2007 to 2019, he applied for 5 Chinese patents and 2 Korean patents, including crown. The main invention patent, Its characteristics are strong fidelity, good loose degree, 360-degree rotating clasp hand knitting method, regardless of left, right, back, arbitrary points, comb what kind of hairstyle, maintain both fluffy and natural characteristics. The technology is unprecedented in the hair product market and has been recognized and praised by people from all walks of life.

In 2015, the legal person Xuxianfeng established the "Nepal Weifeng Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd." in Nepal to invest in and build factories. It mainly produces women's wigs. During the production period in Nepal, the legal person Xuxianfeng developed several products, among which the new full-delivery needle products have the most characteristics. A new product that is completely delivered to the edge and has no skin.

In 2018, the legal person Xuxianfeng, who also invested in the establishment of the factory "Myanmar CRT Co., Ltd." in Myanmar, mainly produces men's wigs, Pushen, special singles, and custom wigs. The legal person Xuxianfeng is based on the core technology of women's wigs. Combined with men's wigs, the production equipment used is fully imported. New equipment, the products produced are the most unique and unique products.

The company's development concept, technology is the source of life, integrity is the guarantee of life, quality is the continuation of life, constantly innovative technology to make life brilliant and brilliant.
"Qingdao Guifeng Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd." "Nepal Weifeng Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd." "Myanmar CRT Co., Ltd." wholeheartedly welcomes domestic and foreign businessmen and we work together to create brilliant.